Meet the CCDC Specialists Doctors

Chandigarh Cancer and Diagnostic Centre

Dr. Rimpi Sarin

Medical Director & Consultant Pathologist

She oversees the functioning of the centre to provide impeccable care and homely environment to the patients.

Dr. Jatin Sarin

Consultant Medical Oncologist

As an experienced cancer specialist, Dr. Sarin is familiar with the treatment of all solid and haematologic malignancies in adults as well as pediatric patients.

Dr. Vijay Bansal

Surgical Oncologist

He has expertise in performing various multifarious procedures and surgeries like colon, intestine, hepatobilliary-pancreatic surgery, head and neck surgery with flap reconstruction, mastectomy, esophagectomy, gastric-bypass surgery , Baraiartic surgery etc.

Dr. Charandeep Singh

(Director & Consultant Pathologist)

Histopathologist par excellence and has special interest in malignancies.

Dr. Meenakshi Mittal

(Radiation Oncologist)

Dr. Meenakshi Mittal is a dynamic and well-known doctor in the field of Radiation Oncology with a professional,experience of about 18 years.

Dr. Sumit