Chandigarh Cancer and Diagnostic Centre (CCDC) was established by Dr. Jatin Sarin and Dr. Rimpi Sarin, on 30th March 2013 with an aspiration of providing most recent, world-class, scientific, ethical, cost-effective and accurate treatment to cancer patients. We believe every individual young or old, rich or poor, man or woman has an equal right to health care. But with increasing costs of medical services and over burdened government institutes, there are many who lose their precious time shuttling between the two. CCDC is a one–stop centre for patients suffering from this disease where we devote ample time to each patient evaluating the patient meticulously and then arriving at a diagnosis. We believe, making a right diagnosis is like a strong bedrock on which right treatment can be given to a patient. We provide wholesome care to all our patients which includes proper oncologic care, nursing care, nutrition guidance and psychologic support to the patient and their family.

Dr.Jatin Sarin has a rich experience of over 15 years in field of oncology and he constantly strives to keep abreast in the ever evolving field of oncology by participating in national and international conferences. We empathise with each patient as our extended family sharing their agonies, anxieties, and conquests related to their disease. We have efficient team of doctors and paramedics forming the backbone of our organization.